The name comes from our desire to have fun, raise money and change the world.  Everyone has a passion they love to show off.  Everyone has a team, club, cause  or charity they would love to help.  Funderbomb's goal is to make sharing your passion, personality, and conscious in supporting the cause of your choice as seamlessly simple and easy as possible.  

Why Funderbomb?

Funderbomb is not just an E-Commerce site.  Sure, you can just shop for great gear and gadgets to express yourself, but if you want to do more, Funderbomb will help your purchase make a difference in the world.

Our Mission

During our many years as parents there was always a need for raising money to support the kids activities... The Boy Scouts, Little League, School Supplies, Traveling Teams, Band Boosters, Class Trips, Church Youth Group... and on and on.  It was always a problem and the solutions were cumbersome and time consuming.  We decided we wanted to start an e-commerce business, but we wanted to do more.  We wanted to help anyone that wanted to raise money for a cause do it in an easy way.  And so, Funderbomb was born!  Our mission is three-fold.  1). Provide quality products; 2). Make it easy to support any organization or cause; and  3). for those that wanted to run a serious fund raising campaign, offer a means that was "no-brainer" easy.  


You can simply shop for interesting and unique apparel, gadgets, and gear.  Our products are sure to express your style, passions, make you smile and the world take notice.


If you want to do more, choose a cause, enter the code, and a portion of your purchase will go to support the cause of your choice. 


 Don't see your favorite cause or charity?  Want to support your group, team or organization?  Start a custom Funderbomb. It's easy and FREE!  

Our Founders

Tom Dewalt

Tom has a long entrepreneurial history in sales and marketing, focused primarily in the RV industry.   He loves the outdoors, and mountain biking with Baden, the Dood.  

Judy Dewalt

Wife, mother, entrepreneur, Judy's passion is focused on enriching the lives of our seniors .   

The Boys

Bettis and Baden "The Dood", Funderbomb Directors of Inspiration, Staff Wellness and Emotional Support.  


Want to learn more?  Considering Funderbombing (fundraising for) your group or organization?