Custom T-Shirt Design for Paparazzi Independent Consultant

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Ways to make you stand out as an independent seller.

It seems these days everyone and their mother is an independent seller for jewelry companies, LuLaRoe, makeup and more.  Trust me we aren't saying that is a bad thing.  But when you are up against an extremely saturated market, possibly even competing against your neighbor or best friend, how do you set your self apart from everyone else?

Rhonda's Story:

Rhonda Blanchard came to us wanting to set herself apart as a Paparazzi Independent Consultant.   Like most independent sellers whether it be jewelry or cute leggings, creating a following is key

Rhonda wanted to design her own shirts to be able to wear at shows, parties and on her Facebook Live Videos.

We helped Rhonda design her own Custom T-shirt to show off her group name Fancy$Five and the Paparazzi Brand!

Here is what you need to design your own independent consultant products:

1. You need to have access and be allowed to use the copyright logo of the company you are a consultant with.  For Rhonda she was allowed to use the logo a certain amount of times and for certain products.  Check your companies policies to see what you are allowed to do.  

2. You can send us your designs or we can make them for you.  They have to be high resolution .jpg, .png, .pdf files.  

3. You choose the products you want the designs to be on and we mock them up for you.  Colors can vary per product.

4. You can order as little as one because we use a Print On Demand with vendors that do not require bulk ordering!


Check out some of Rhonda's products. 

Fancy$Five Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant Fancy$Five Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant


You can follow Rhonda on her Facebook group Fancy$Five.  We love watching your live videos Rhonda! 

For any other Independent Sellers who want to design their own apparel or maybe even add some door prizes to their inventory... We can help! 

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