Love One Another

Love One Another

Jennifer Hudson Love Keychain

The Love One Another collection was created to inspire others to not give into hate but to love one another.

The love logo was inspired by Jennifer Hudson's Love keychain from the movie Sex and The City which she used to remind herself to have faith in love.

Love can mean a multiple of things.

There are 7 States of Love:

  • Storge: Natural affection, the love you share with your family.
  • Philia: The love that you have for friends.
  • Eros: Sexual and erotic desire kind of love.
  • Agape: Unconditional love, or divine love.
  • Ludus: Playful love, like childish love or flirting.
  • Pragma: Long standing love.  The love in a married couple.
  • Philautia: Love of the self

Have passion and love for everything you do.

You only have this one life to live so live it to what truly makes you happy.  Go after those dreams that are scary and not everyone believes in.  Go on adventures.  Dare yourself to try a new experience.  Make the mistakes. 

Just Live Life

Remind yourself to have faith in love, whether it be for someone, something, or yourself!

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