How small businesses can create a stronger, lasting, relationship with their customers.

How small businesses can create a stronger, lasting, relationship with their customers.

"You want to shop and live near places that actually mean things to people; places that have a real effect on communities.  You can feel when someone really cares about the neighborhood they're running a business in." - Sandeep Salter (co-founder - Picture Room and Goods for the Study)

Create a collection for your customers to show their love for your business.

Do you frequent a certain local coffee shop? How about a brewery because of their selection of craft beers and atmosphere? How about a local gym because you like the genuine small classes compared to a larger national known gym? 

What type of businesses can benefit?

Any small business can benefit from selling their own "fan wear" for their customers to not only show their support but to also create brand awareness for your business.  

How do I make a design?

1. Create a design based on your small business logo

2. Does your business have a creative slogan or catch phrase?

You can create multiple designs for several products and test which products sell the best.

What types of products should I sell?

The type of products you choose to put your designs on should be a direct representation of your business.  

You wouldn't put a design on a coffee mug if you were a brewery.  

We offer an extensive catalog of products ranging from T-shirts, mugs, duffel bags, electronic cases and more.  We can help you decide which products will work best for your industry.

Do I have to hold inventory?

No inventory needed!  We offer a print on demand business model.  This allows your customer to order from you as a little as one, no bulk ordering needed.  All you have to do is promote your collection.  

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